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Roof Deck
RDI roof decks are available in a range of standard 1-1/2 and 3-inch deep fluted configurations to provide an economical choice for most projects and structural designs. These efficient narrow, intermediate and wide rib profiles with 6 or 8 inch rib spacing, varying material thick nesses and painted or galvanized finish permit flexibility in satisfying specific project conditions.

Form Deck
RDI form decks are available in 9/16, 1-5/16 and 1-1/2 inch deep profiles to serve as either a structural support for lightweight insulating fills or a form for reinforced structural concrete slabs. These products are available in varying material thicknesses and a galvanized finish to offer the design profession a variety of choices.

Composite Decks
RDI composite floor decks are available in 1-1/2, 2 and 3 inch deep fluted profiles to act as a permanent form and the positive bending reinforcement for the structural concrete slab. These configurations with 6 or 12 inch rib spacing, varying material thicknesses and a galvanized finish provide a selection of floor designs and the option for composite beam design.

RDI steel roof, form and composite floor decks are available with the following standard finishes as indicated in the section properties table for each specific product.

Painted: Supplied with a shop coat of primer paint (both sides) over chemically cleaned and phosphatized steel. (This primer coat is intended to protect the steel for only a short period of exposure in ordinary atmospheric conditions and must be considered an impermanent coating.)

Galvanized: Supplied from mill coated steel conforming to ASTM A653, zinc coating class G60. Please contact Roof Deck, Inc. for availability of other finishes.

Design Thickness
The thickness of steel before coating with paint or metal for all RDI steel deck products is in conformance with the following table.

Manufacturing Tolerances
All RDI steel deck products are fabricated in conformance with the following tolerances:

Panel Length: Plus or minus inch.
Thickness: Shall not be less than 95% of the design thickness.
Panel Cover Width: Minus 3/8 inch, plus inch.
Panel Camber and/or Sweep: inch in 10 foot length.
Panel Ends Out of Square: 1/8 inch per foot.

Variation in cover width tolerance may occur due to trucking, storage or handling.

Diaphragm Shear Design
RDI steel roof, form and composite floor decks can be designed to function as horizontal diaphragms. Detailed information on diaphragm strength and stiffness, connections, filled diaphragms, shear diaphragm examples, fastener layouts and load tables is available in the Steel Deck Institute "Diaphragm Design Manual", latest edition.

Fire Resistance Ratings
RDI steel roof, form and composite floor decks have been classified by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. for use in various fire resistance designs. In addition, many fire resistance assemblies permit the use of generic type products for which Roof Deck, Inc. can comply with the general requirements. For current information, please refer to the ULI "Fire Resistance Directory", latest edition.

Construction Practice
All RDI steel deck products shall be erected and fastened in accordance with the project specifications, approved erection layouts, Steel Deck Institute "Manual of Construction with Steel Deck" and SDI "Standard Practice Details".

Metric Conversion Table


The information presented in this catalog has been prepared in accordance with generally recognized engineering principles. We recommend that this information not be used or relied upon for any application without a thorough review by a licensed professional engineer, designer or architect of the proposed application. Roof Deck, Inc., makes no representation or warranty respecting any information contained in this catalog, including but not limited to the accuracy, completeness, or suitability of such information for any particular purpose or use. By making this information available, Roof Deck, Inc. is not rendering professional services, and assumes no duty or responsibility with respect to any person making use of such information. Any party using the information contained in this catalog assumes all liability arising from such use.


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